Terms & Conditions



With more than 20 year we are making our continuing efforts to provide our clients better hosting, web and software solutions. In these years we also have studied and educated our selves time to time to make us up to date with the latest technologies. With this vast experiance we can guarantee that we can deliver our clients extra effetiant solutions for their requirements. We also believe in good relations with our clients because they are the basic root of our success in these years.

So as a technology solutions provider we always make sure to deliver our clients state of the art solutions for their requirements and needs. Moreover, we also believe to make good and long term relations with our client and the only thing which strengthens this long term relation is our support to them. Therefore we make sure to deliver our best to our clients 365 days a year.


Our Service Descriptoin

Host interlink provides good quality hosting services and also provides web design, web development, web applications and software development services. With these services we also provide domain registration, SSL certificate services which are subject to their associated terms and conditions.


User Responsibilities

As a user of our service you are responsible to comply all applicable laws and regulations. It is your duty to ensure the legality of the content and also it is your duty to not engage in any prohibited activities, including but not limited to hosting copyrighted material, illegal material, hacking or spamming. It is your sole responsibility to maintain and secure your account and safeguarding your login details such as your users and passwords details.

Account Creation & Usage

When you are creating an account on Host Interlink, it is your responsibility to provide up to date and accurate details and also it is your responsibility to keep up to date your account information all times. You are solely responsible for all the activities that occur in your account and also you are responsible for all the consequences that occur in your account in the result of failure to maintain the security of your account.


Payment & Billing

Host Interlink accepts payment with many payment methods and also we have many pricing structures. As regarding to billing cycles at this time we only accept payment on one year, two year, three year and more than three year basis for our hosting account and domain registration services and not accepting payments on monthly basis. Regarding to our web, application and software development services you have to pay 50% payment in advance and 50% at the time of delivery of your website, application and software. So if you are using any of our hosting plan or you have registered domain through us or you hire us to develop your website, application or software you must pay the fees or charges associated with your selected plan or service according to these terms. For refund information please read the conditions on the basis the refund will be applicable and timeframes that are mentioned in our refund policy.

Intellectual Property

Host interlink reserve all the rights of its intellectual property of its content and services unless otherwise stated. Users are now allowed to use, distribute, modify or reproduce our intellectual property without taking the permission from us, except in certain cases where it is allowed by us according to the laws.



As a user of Host interlink services or Host Interlink as the hosting service provider can end this agreement according to the specific situation or circumstances. These situations can be if there is a violation of terms, like your engagement in activities which are not allowed or disobeying the agreed terms and conditions. Moreover, not paying the charges or fees according to the agreement can also result in termination and when it is terminated, Host Interlink is authoritative to delete the account data in your account, suspend it or completely close your account. If your account is terminated still you are responsible to pay the obligations or fees outstanding on your account that is occurred when you were using the account.



Host Interlink reserves the rights to make changes in the above term and conditions to update them. Any changes in the above terms and conditions will be effective from time it is pasted here. It is your responsibility to review these terms and conditions time to time. This agreement cannot be transferred or assigned to any on else without the permission of Host Interlink. This Agreement is governed by the laws our country.